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System Investment Fees

System Investment Fees are commonly called tap fees.  These fees are a one-time demand cost associated with new construction and remodels of commercial and residential units.  Treatment plants are designed to handle certain volumes of water and solids per day.  As new water using fixtures are added, the demand potential for using the plant increases.  Once demand reaches a certain point the treatment plant must expand by law.  These fees can help offset costs associated with increasing capacity. 

The District also uses these revenues for large capital improvements to meet new wastewater standards or to include processes associated with newer facilities not original to ours.  During 2001-2002 the District constructed a biosolids dewatering building and approximately $500,000 of tap fee revenue was used.  As a result, annual biosolids costs were lowered significantly and user fee rates have been positively affected every year subsequent.  In 2016 - 2017 a new headworks building was constructed that includes processes not part of our original treatment facility.  Approximately $1 million of the $5.5 million project was paid for by using System Development Fees.      

How Fees Are Determined

System Investment Fees are  charged based on the number of water using fixtures in a dwelling or business.  Each tap purchased has 15 minimum fixture units.  A fixture unit is a value applied to water using devices.  The value changes based on the "type and potential demand" the fixture may place on our facilities.  A 2 1/2 bath house has approximately 24-25 fixture units.  Each unit over 15 is assessed at the same rate as the first 15.  The directors set the minimum at 15 to enable lower income housing.  Housing with fewer fixtures has a smaller tap fee. 

The remodel of an existing home or business may be charged system investment fees if additional plumbing fixtures are added.  To determine, the fixture units of the existing home are totaled and if greater than 15, then that becomes the new base.  All units added over the base are then charged a system development fee.  If the existing fixture units are less than 15, then only the fixture units that make the count greater than 15 are assessed. 

As with all situations there are some exclusions to the above example.  If this sounds confusing, please contact this office and we can walk you through the process. 

Currently our minimum tap is $4,005.  Each additional fixture unit will be charged $267.  A copy of our System Investment Fee schedule is available to help you determine costs.