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  FAX:   (970) 577-0363   (970) 586-4712

THE ESTES PARK SANITATION DISTRICT is very aware of the COVID-19 concerns in our community.  Wastewater treatment is an important part of protecting the public health environment.  Our staff is a critical component of the treatment process.  We must take steps to ensure their health and do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  Our treatment facility is closed to the public.  Our office is open to the public, however compliance with Larimer County Regulations concerning mask wearing will apply.  DO NOT ENTER if you have a cough or fever will be in place.    We can answer most questions over the phone (970) 586-2866. 

Billing or general questions:   General or building related questions:

Payments can be made to: P.O. Box Box 722, Estes Park, CO 80517  or through our drop box at our office 1201 Graves Avenue.  If you would like to set up ACH payments contact our office and we can get the process going for you.

During our November 9th 2021 board meeting, the directors wll hold the second public review of the 2022 Financial Budget.  (Public Notice of Budget)  There will be a final review at our December 14th meeting.  A copy of the proposed budget is available in the office of the District, 1201 Graves Ave., Estes Park CO.  Our board meeting and budget review is open to the public.  Larimer County Health rules for indoor meetings will be in place and include the wearing of masks.  The meeting can also be attended virtually.  Please contact the District Manager at (970) 586-2866 or email: to request a link to the meeting.

During the October  budget review, the directors identified the necessity of a rate increase to meet the operating and capital requirements of the District.  The District anticipates higher costs for most of our operating and capital expenses.  On December 14th 2021, the District will hold a public meeting to discuss increases to user fee and other service fees.  This review will be part of the public review of the 2022 financial budget.  A copy of the  notice is available by choosing this link: Public Notice of Rate Increase.

Estes Park Sanitation District

Located in the valley near Rocky Mountain National Park, EPSD is a division of local government providing wastewater collection and treatment in Estes Park Colorado.  It is Colorado's oldest special district as F.O Stanley provided the land to construct the original treatment facility after the district was approved by the state legislature in 1941.

Physical Locations

  • The District Office is located at 1201 Graves Avenue.  Staffing consists of a District Manager and an administrative assistant.
  • The wastewater treatment facility is located at 610 Big Thompson Avenue.  Six staff members operate the facility and maintain our collection system on a year round basis. 
  • The service area of the District is concentrated in the core area of town.  Attached is a EPSD Service Territory map.