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Capital Improvements

Each year during the budget process the District reviews the capital needs of our facility.  Usually a list of items to improve efficiency or accomplish a new task competes for funds that would be used to replace a piece of equipment nearing the end of it's useful life.  We try to keep a "mind's eye" on the choices to be sure they're long-term solutions and not temporary patches.

Our collection system follows a similar path.  Projects we undertake help eliminate undersized or problem lines.  Typically these lines are sources of infiltration.  Not only do we improve service, but we lower the hydraulic load on our facility. Our capital improvements work towards this goal.  It's imperative that our choices keep the mind's eye on future projects - enabling us to tackle those projects when their time comes.

2019-2020 .. Blower/ Air Piping Project

In 2019, the District went to bid for new blowers to replace our existing blowers.  The new blowers will improve efficiencies and operate much quieter than the existing blowers.  Aerzen blowers were selected and they will be installed during 2020

Currently, a bid process is underway to remove the existing blowers and install the Aerzen units.  The project will include all electrical and mechanical work to connect the new blowers. In addition, piping changes will be made to enable our plant processes and digesters to work operate independantly of each other. Currently when operators make changes to the air levels to improve or respond to plant processes they can adversely effect the digesters.  The same thing can happen in the other direction also. 

Once these improvements are in place, staff can begin to focus on improving both sludge digestion and plant operation.  The possibility of meeting future nutrient regulations in the future will require this change.  The new blowers will be connected to our SCADA system and eventually allow the plant to adjust the air in response to changing conditions. 

MSK Consulting is our design engineer and will be overseeing the bidding process and be the project managers.  MSK can be reached at

Future Improvements

As for our collection program, we have identified line replacements in the Bureau of Reclamation, W. Elkhorn and the Fall River and a section of main will be replaced using trenchless technology in the Mocassin Subdivision.  Also as the CDOT Loop project nears implementation, the District will have a main line that will be extended through the round-about at Riverside and Moraine.