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Capital Improvements

Each year during the budget process the District reviews the capital needs of our facility.  Usually a list of items to improve efficiency or accomplish a new task competes for funds that would be used to replace a piece of equipment nearing the end of it's useful life.  We try to keep a "mind's eye" on the choices to be sure they're long-term solutions and not temporary patches.

Our collection system follows a similar path.  Projects we undertake help eliminate undersized or problem lines.  Typically these lines are sources of infiltration.  Not only do we improve service, but we lower the hydraulic load on our facility. Our capital improvements work towards this goal.  It's imperative that our choices keep the mind's eye on future projects - enabling us to tackle those projects when their time comes.

2015 Headworks Facility

In 2014, engineering plans were completed for the District's new headworks facility.  The facility will feature many new improvements to our treatment facility.  The building will also include equipment that will enable the District to meet new stringent discharge requirements for heavy metals.  The project has been approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and is scheduled for bidding spring of 2015.   TST Engineering in Denver, CO will lead this project for the District.  Project completion will depend on many factors but completion in early 2016 is anticipated.

The headworks building will be constructed with advanced screening and grit removal, chemical addition, automated pumping capabilities and UV disinfection.  External to the building will be new electrical controls at our existing facility, a cover system over our existing EQ basin and heat recovery/ odor control.

To meet new heavy metals limits, the headworks building will also house two dissolved air floatation units (DAF).  These units will "float" very small particles to the surface and return them to our facility for additional biological treatment.  Test piloting of the process was done in 2012 and the documented results were very encouraging.  The new effluent limits will be effective 10/1/16.

A copy of the Bid Invitation for the 2015 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Poject is available here.

Future Improvements

As for our collection program, we have identified line replacements in the Bureau of Reclamation.  This will be a difficult task and will require working together with our town's water department.  These lines are older and quite deep.  In 2008, we invested in trenchless pipe bursting equipment and have begun using the technology in anticipation of it's use in this area.